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Girl Care Inc

Our mission is to ensure every woman and girl child at least experience basic human rights and needs by helping all we can. In 2017 we provided over 3500 women sanitary packages to vulnerable women.

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Phone: +61 432 025 507
Address: 4 Marra Lane, Quinn's Rocks, WA 6030
+61 432 025 507

What we do

Women In Prison

Women in prison

Have you ever considered how difficult menstruation is for incarcerated women?

Being incarcerated is bad enough for women; however having menses while in prison is something that is unbearable for women.

For incarcerated women, the experience of a menses can be stressful and demeaning.

Women Care Package

Women Care Package

Period supplies are not cheap. But they are essential.
We work to end period poverty by giving these products to those who can’t afford them, and providing long term menstrual education to those less likely to access it.

Homeless Women

Homeless women

Homeless and less fortunate women can not experience their menstrual cycle clean, healthy and with dignity. We have a centre that provides monthly sanitary supplies to these vulnerable women.

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