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Girl Care Inc

Our mission is to ensure every woman and girl child at least experience basic human rights and needs by helping all we can. In 2017 we provided over 3500 women sanitary packages to vulnerable women.

Donate to help us help more women.

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Phone: +61 432 025 507
Address: 4 Marra Lane, Quinn's Rocks, WA 6030
+61 432 025 507
Become an Ambassador
Raise awareness

Our Ambassadors are groups of people that give their time, energy and support to help us in our work to continue helping more women with sanitary products. They are an essential part of our work in raising awareness.

Love philanthropy and helping

This position may be great for you. The ambassador position is a chance to be a volunteer leader in our organisation. We are looking for a team of world changers!


Here are the duties to being an official lead ambassador. There are many ways to get involved with Girl Care Inc., like donations, volunteering, merchandise purchases, etc.

Ambassador roles

  • Coordinate fundraisers
  • Volunteer¬†on event committees and recruit sponsors, volunteers, and donations for events
  • Promote Girl Care Inc. on social media and word of mouth


Give presentations in their communities with the aim of:

  • Raising the profile of Girl Care Inc.
  • Recruiting more fundraisers for Girl Care Inc.
  • Encouraging donations for Girl Care Inc projects.
  • Recruiting people to join our Awareness Trips.

Training and coaching

All ambassadors will be given full training and the necessary resource to support our work in relieving and sensitising women menstrual hygiene.


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Be the change you want to see!

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