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Girl Care Inc

Our mission is to ensure every woman and girl child at least experience basic human rights and needs by helping all we can. In 2017 we provided over 3500 women sanitary packages to vulnerable women.

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Phone: +61 432 025 507
Address: 4 Marra Lane, Quinn's Rocks, WA 6030
+61 432 025 507

Our Mission

To see every vulnerable woman and girl child being able to enjoy a clean and healthy menstrual cycle by providing them with menstrual sanitation packages.

Together we can win

Women and girls cannot afford or access absorbent sanitary products use improvised materials such as improperly cleaned or scavenged cloths or other material such as newspapers or even leaves.

This increases susceptibility to infections, causing reproductive or Vulvovaginal Candidiasis.

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At Girl Care we want to ensure that women can manage menstruation hygienically and with dignity. Maintaining proper menstrual hygiene is important for every woman’s well-being and development.

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We are dedicated to continue making a real difference.
The World Bank aims to end poverty in all forms by the year 2030. We stand on the same number one goal to ensure every woman can afford basic necessities, every child has formal education and good health. In 2017, more than 2,200 women and girls were served by Girl Care with safe sanitary pads and more need our help.

Homeless Women

As every woman knows, periods are messy, uncomfortable and inconvenient – but for homeless women, they’re even more of a nightmare. Just imagine experiencing the first day of your period without dependable access to a toilet, tampons or pads.

Included in the homeless women care packages:



Pant Liners

Hand Sanitizer

Shower gel


Supportive Environment

Learning about menstrual hygiene is a vital aspect of health education for adolescent girls.
Instruction in menstrual hygiene should be linked to an expanded programme of health education in schools. A supportive environment for menstrual hygiene has to be provided both at home and in school.


Women in prison

The inaccessibility of menstrual products for inmates results in embarrassment, anxiety and shame especially when women stain their clothes, which is stigmatising. Many inmates interviewed described menstruation as a time of anxiety and discomfort.

Prison In-mates

Here at Girl Care, we have created a program which involves care packages that will be sent to prisons to help these women during their menstrual cycle. These care packages include a pack of tampons, a pack of pads, a towel, soap, roll on and some under wear.

Prison is bad enough

At some point, every woman has complained about menstruation period, it could be stomach pains and general discomfort. But have you ever considered how difficult menstruation is for incarcerated women? Being incarcerated is bad enough for women; however having menses while in prison is something that is unbearable for women. For incarcerated women, the experience of a menses can be stressful and demeaning.

Menstrual Hygiene

Menstrual hygiene is vital to keep girls healthy and in school worldwide. It is important to understand that menstruation hygiene enables women and girls to reach life’s fullest potential.

Break the silence

Poor menstrual hygiene is a challenge faced by half of the reproductive-aged girls. It not only affects a girl’s physical health and education, but also her social and mental well-being.

Here at Girl Care, together, we can break the silence and start the conversation about good menstrual hygiene management that ensures women and girls manage their menses in a safe, private, and dignified way.

Can I receive a sanitary package by post?

We do post women care packages for women in rural areas and places where we do not have a branch near by.

How can I help?

You can donate funds or menstrual pads, tampons, soap, lotion, shower gel, wipes or any sanitary items.

Can I volunteer or partner?

We need more volunteers to help us continue helping more women in need.

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